May Tide Chart 2014

Tidal Differences
Location LOW HIGH
Palo Alto Yacht Harbor+2:26+1:03
Mowry Slough+2:07+1:12
Calaveras Point, west of+1:49+1:05
Upper Guadalupe Slough+2:13+1:14
Coyote Creek, Alviso Slough+2:08+1:13
Gold Street Bridge, Alviso Slough+2:27+1:08
Coyote Creek, Tributary No.1+2:45+1:21
Sausalito, Corps of Engineers Dock+0:21+0:10
Angel Island (west side)+0:21+0:13
Angel Island, East Garrison+0:20+0:16
Point Chauncey+0:32+0:28
Point Isabel+0:33+0:23
Richmond Inner Harbor+0:36+0:24
Chevron Oil Company Pier, Richmond+0:36+0:29
Point Orient+0:52+0:47
Corte Madera Creek+0:51+0:37
Point San Quentin+0:50+0:39
Point San Pedro+1:01+0:59
Pinole Point+1:26+1:12
Hercules, Refugio Landing+1:48+1:09
Petaluma River entrance+2:11+1:21
Lakeville, Petaluma River+2:50+1:59
Upper drawbridge, Petaluma River+3:10+2:10
Gallinas Creek+1:30+1:11
Hog Island, San Antonio Creek+2:36+1:47
Sonoma Creek+2:39+1:35
Wingo, Sonoma Creek+3:11+2:12
Mare Island+1:58+1:36
Based on San Francisco Station
Date Low1 Low2 High1 High2

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