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April Tide Chart 2014

Tidal Differences
Location LOW HIGH
Mystery Bay, Marrowstone Island+0:48+0:13
Bush Point, Whidbey Island+0:42+0:10
Oak Bay+0:27+0:08
Deception Pass St. Park, Bowman Bay, Fidalgo I.+0:02-0:18
Aleck Bay, Lopez Island-0:08-0:18
Burrows Bay (Allan Island)+0:03+0:09
Ship Harbor, Fidalgo Island+0:25+0:16
Anacortes, Guemes Channel+0:33+0:22
Swinomish Channel ent., Padilla Bay+1:17+0:36
Thatcher Pass+0:18+0:31
Strawberry Bay, Cypress Island+0:52+0:34
Peavine Pass+0:18+0:34
Eagle Harbor, Cypress Island+0:48+0:36
Tide Point, Cypress Island+0:41+0:31
Chuckanut Bay+0:53+0:33
Hale Passage, Gooseberry Point+1:10+0:41
Hale Passage, Point Migley+0:51+0:56
Village Point, Lummi Island+1:12+0:44
Sandy Point, Lummi Bay+1:24+0:52
Rosario, East Sound, Orcas Island+1:04+0:27
Upright Head, Lopez Island+0:44+0:26
Orcas, Orcas Island+0:56+0:33
Richardson, Lopez Island-0:11-0:21
Shaw Island, Ferry Terminal, Harney Channel+0:56+0:31
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island+0:50+0:28
Echo Bay, Sucia Islands+1:34+1:01
Blaine, Semiahmoo Bay+1:29+0:56
Kanaka Bay, San Juan Island-0:02-0:11
Based on Port Townsend Station
Date Low1 Low2 High1 High2

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