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April Tide Chart 2014

Tidal Differences
Location LOW HIGH
Money Island, Nantuxent Creek entrance-1:58-1:43
Newport Landing, Nantuxent Creek-0:28-0:03
Cedar Creek entrance, Nantuxent Cove-1:51-1:37
Back Creek entrance, Nantuxent Cove-1:34-1:29
Greenwich Pier, Cohansey River-0:54-0:42
Tindalls Wharf, Cohansey River-0:02+1:01
Hope Creek, 0.6 n.mi. above entrance, N.J.-0:36-0:25
Artificial Island, Salem Nuclear Plant, N.J.-0:33-0:35
0.8 n.mi. above entrance-0:10+0:21
Abbots Meadow+0:12+0:44
2.5 n.mi. above entrance+0:15+0:51
Coopers Creek bridge+1:00+1:51
Sinnickson Landing+0:19+0:04
Salem Canal entrance, Delaware River, N.J.+0:52+0:36
Pedricktown, Oldmans Creek, N.J.+2:07+2:11
Auburn, Oldmans Creek, N.J.+3:38+4:24
Woodland Beach-1:14-1:15
Stathems Neck, Stow Creek-0:37-0:22
Raccoon Ditch, Newport Meadows, Stow Creek+0:33+1:08
Canton, Stow Creek+0:45+1:36
Mad Horse Creek, 1 n.mi. above entrance-0:47-0:20
Pine Island, Malapartis Creek, Mad Horse Creek-0:18+0:21
Liston Point, Del.-0:59-0:55
Taylors Bridge, Blackbird Creek, Del.+0:54+1:47
St. Georges, Delaware-0:14-0:13
Summit Bridge, Delaware-0:55-0:34
Delaware City Branch Channel bridge+0:08+0:03
Based on Reedy Point Station
Date Low1 Low2 High1 High2

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