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April Tide Chart 2014

Tidal Differences
Location LOW HIGH
Port Ludlow-0:14-0:14
Foulweather Bluff-0:07-0:11
Port Gamble-0:05-0:09
Bangor Wharf+0:01-0:06
Zelatched Point, Dabob Bay-0:05-0:09
Whitney Point, Dabob Bay+0:02-0:05
Quilcene, Quilcene Bay, Dabob Bay-0:01-0:08
Seabeck, Seabeck Bay+0:01-0:04
Pleasant Harbor-0:01-0:14
Triton Head+0:06-0:06
Ayock Point+0:05-0:03
Lynch Cove Dock+0:060:00
Kingston, Appletree Cove-0:05-0:05
Port Jefferson-0:04-0:03
Port Madison-0:03+0:09
Meadow Point, Shilshole Bay-0:010:00
Poulsbo, Liberty Bay+0:10+0:05
Brownsville, Port Orchard+0:09+0:07
Lockheed Shipyard, Harbor Island-0:01-0:01
Duwamish Waterway, Eighth Ave. South+0:11+0:10
Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island+0:05+0:04
Port Blakely+0:04+0:04
Clam Bay, Rich Passage+0:04+0:03
Bremerton, Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard+0:13+0:09
Tracyton, Dyes Inlet+0:53+0:28
Harper, Yukon Harbor-0:01-0:06
Based on Seattle Station
Date Low1 Low2 High1 High2

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